Meet Arif

Arif: The People's Advocate.

The fight for working families is personal for Arif.

New Leadership for Fremont

It's not what we say, but it's really what we do that matters. I am very principled and always vote my values.

  • Build a safe Fremont regardless of your zip code.
  • Champion sustainable infrastructure and easy access to city services for all residents.
  • Prioritize affordable housing by removing unnecessary red tape
  • Create economic opportunities in all parts of our city.

About Arif

Fremont is more than a city to me — it's where I started my journey in America 25 years ago. It provided me with the foundation to not only pursue but achieve the American dream. I wanted to give back. As the founder of a local nonprofit, I mobilized community members, city officials, local businesses, faith-based organizations, and youth. We have served over 50,000 meals to Fremont's homeless population.

As an active member of our city's Citizen Access Committee, I have witnessed firsthand the importance of participating in our local government, making the right decisions, and using our taxpayer dollars wisely.

Our families deserve safe, clean neighborhoods. Our youth deserve an excellent education, with extracurricular opportunities to innovatively tackle local challenges. Our district deserves its fair share of the city's public works projects.

I will fight for working families, make it easier for our small business owners to create jobs, and scrutinize the city budget with a scalpel to save taxpayer dollars. My top priorities are fiscal discipline, accountability, and transparency.

We need a common sense approach at City Hall. Learn more at

I am easily accessible to voters, not lobbyists or special interests. Questions? Call me: (408) 410-0531.